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How does an upper middle class, suburban, mother-to-be go from golf lessons to waking up with the Republican candidate for United States President tied to a chair with a hood over his head in her basement? And why? Who benefits? And who has the power to cover it up? 
So begins “Kidnapped! The True Story of How I Made America Great Again.” Based on the soon to be HUUUGE best seller, this is the story of a motley crew of Real Americans and their struggle to take back their country. It is the story of Thomas and Pamela Perry: a simple Middle Class, Middle American couple, who find themselves, like so many Americans do, in over their heads. It is the story of closed door meetings between TV Preachers and the daughters of real estate tycoons. It is the story of a Golf Instructor’s forbidden love. In short, it is the story of the dissolution of The American Dream. A dream once bold enough to tear down walls, now on the verge of melting through the fingers of it’s own tiny little hands.


meet the cast


Hugo Armstrong as Alex Houston

Curran Connor as The Voice of Donald Trump

Eric Doss as Thomas Perry

Niamh McCormally as Ivanka

Andy Park as Donald

Matthew G. Park as Chip Barnes

Molly Park as Neighbor Lady

William Park as Golfer

Amy Frances Quint as Pamela Perry

David Rabig as Detective Bill Boone

David Tufford as The Machete Man



A Harmsway Inc & Quattro Gatti Production

Written & Directed by Andy Hopper

Produced by

Andy Hopper

Niamh McCormally

Matthew G. Park 

Amy Frances Quint

Associate Producer

T Keaton-Woods

Director of Photography

Ben Enke

Score by

Jesse Ingalls

Edited by

Andy Hopper

Assistant Director

Bethany Jones

Production Sound

Dan Stewart